Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Tips to reduce stress and last minute hand ins.

I am right in the middle of all my deadlines right now which means I’m having to be extra organised. Luckily for me I love a good ‘to do’ list and the feeling of accomplishment by ticking each task off the list is addictive. This year I have also started writing down ‘homework’ to be done each week with the topic and date due just like the planners I used to have at school. I feel so organised it’s great.

I know that not everyone shares the same enjoyment when it comes to organising work so I thought I would just provide some tips that I’ve learnt to help reduce the chance of last minute hand ins..

Okay so…

1. Always read your unit packs ahead of starting the term (if they’re up) so you know exactly what you will be doing and can prepare ahead of time.

2. Write down all your deadlines in order, highlight them, and stick them on your bedroom wall or somewhere where you will see regularly.

3. Start early! Set yourself tasks to complete each week so that you don’t find yourself rushing a 2,500 word essay a few days before the deadline.

4. Invest in a notebook of some kind that you can bring with you to lectures. This is a great way of keeping track of the work you have to do.

5. Don’t stress. Remember you can always email your lecturers for help and even organise meetings with them to go over anything you’re not sure on.

6. Last but not least, always allow for time for yourself. You don’t want to spend your whole university life hidden away working, you need to spare some time to socialise and have fun. Just make sure having fun doesn’t take over your work time.

2 thoughts on “Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Tips to reduce stress and last minute hand ins.

  1. Wonderful reading and inspirational, I’ve forwarded to my daughter to read who also has a flare for writing ( at times)
    Thank you for sharing X


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