Apps I can’t live without in London

Shortly after moving to London I came to the realisation that my trusty nail technician and hairdresser were now 2 hours away from me (NIGHTMARE). Nearly everyone I knew in London were also new to the area so I really didn’t know where to begin – there’s only so much Google can show you, I need recommendations! Thankfully my new manager just happened to mention an app she uses for pretty much anything – Treatwell.

I don’t think I have fallen in love with an app as quickly as I have Treatwell. It has everything! From hair salons, nail salons, and tanning salons, to massages, and hair removal! The great thing about the app is that there are sooo many reviews for each place (it has a feature where if you leave a review you receive £5 off your next booking) that you can be confident knowing you’re in safe hands. It is so user friendly and is great for those looking to stick to a budget like me.


Now another thing I quickly came to realise in London is that there is an overwhelming amount of places I want to go. There is just so much to do here! After spending hours trailing through Google trying to work out the best places to go when my friends visit, I decided to download an app called City Surfer. Now this doesn’t seem to be a hugely well known app but like Treatwell it has so many different options of places to go, places to eat and drink, exercise, the possibilities are endless! I found the cutest Instagramable bars and the coolest bottomless brunches on this app – definitely an essential to a new comer to London!


Along with City Surfer I was told about an app called Fever which is the best app for finding the next big events near you! I am yet to use this app but can’t wait to finally not miss out on the crazy London events I always used to see people at. Now I won’t miss a thing!!

Another thing I am yet to do but absolutely can’t wait to start making a regular hobby is the theatre! I LOVE the theatre but almost tear up whenever I see the ticket prices. Knowing this, my mum actually recommended TodayTix to me! The app any theatre loving Londoner needs to know about. It is the best place to find the greatest deals and shows near you so make sure you download this before you splash out on full price tickets!


Last but most definitely not least, who can forget trusty Citymapper. My favourite, most reliable app that has saved me multiple breakdowns from rush hour stress countless amounts of times. Citymapper not only provides you with a range of routes to your destination but it also tracks you as you go, notifying you when to get on and off a bus and exactly where your tube is. You just cannot come to London without downloading this app (I’d probably still be stuck at Paddington without it).


So these are all the apps I’ve downloaded since moving here and I am sure I have missed some great ones out. Maybe I’ll do an updated version once I’ve really got to know the area…

My recommended apps:


City Surfer




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