Moving to London has always been a life goal of mine (one of many) but that doesn’t mean it was any less daunting. I moved here on my own into a flat of three other girls who I had never met before, in an area I had only visited once or twice and was about to start a job that I was terrified to mess up. The idea of getting the tube everyday in rush hour almost made me break out in a nervous sweat at just the thought of it.  It took me a good few weeks to fully get into the swing of things – meeting all of my new colleagues, getting to know my flat mates, understanding the tube, training my liver to cope with the endless after work drinks, and so so much more. It was a lot to take on but I did it (half asleep but still…).

When I look back at my younger self, the idea of moving to London on my own would have had me in tears – oh the joys of homesickness/anxiety. I wanted to write this blog as I feel so proud of myself for taking this step. So I have decided to write what I can about my experiences in London and everything that comes with that, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I cant wait to share everything I have learnt so far and am yet to find out…